Gold Acceleration Package Includes:

Agile Accelerator  &  Team Accelerator

Buy both together and save! $$$

What You Get:

  • A customized profile to highlight each persons’ thinking and behavioral strengths
  • An (8) page personalized narrative for improving personal communication styles and team collaboration culture
  • Hands-on simulations learning how to Tap into personal power, motivation and productivity like never before
  • Increase the level of trust with direct reports, team members and peers
  • Leverage and complement the unique strengths of you and your team​
  • Create greater self-awareness of strengths and challenges

Other Workshops Available

  • Helps people learn how to work with new team members after organizational change
  • Helps leaders improve the effectiveness of interactions with direct reports, peers and cross-functional workstreams.
  • Helps teams adopt Agile quickly and deliver value immediately  


Leadership Accelerator- How to Manage Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Self-Organized Teams

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Requirements Accelerator- How to Create Requirements for Rapid Agile Solution Delivery

  • Helps people apply Agile values and principles with Scrum to reduce batch size and speed value to market
  • Helps people embed best practices for conducting effective Agile ceremonies including
    • Daily Standups, Sprint Planning and Backlog Refinement
    • ​Sprint Review, Retrospective and Demo​​
  • Helps people understand the roles and responsibilities of Agile team members including:​:
    • ​Scrum Masters and Teams
    • Product Owners, Managers and Leadership

What You Get:

  • Hands-on Scrum simulations learning how to Create a backlog of Agile requirements
  • Define the definition of ready and done
  • Build Sprint work estimates and forecast release dates
  • Monitor Sprint metrics using burn-down charts
  • Conduct a retrospective to inspect, adapt and improve work processes​